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Fine Blue Line Podcast | Law Enforcement

Mar 23, 2019

In this interview we will discuss the 5 Stress Triggers with out amazing guest Andi Clark from 911 Lifestyle.


Shift work and the life of a Police Officer is not easy.   Many of us struggle to fall asleep because we are tired and wired,  wake mid sleep,  we are exhausted to the point that coffee is the only way to make it through our shift, we become frustrated easier than we were at the start of our career, have digestive issues and fear burnout.   It's happening to most of us, so we believe that this is the norm.       
But it doesn't have to be.  
Andi Clark from 911 Lifestyle has dedicated her life to help Law Enforcement and other First Responders reverse their burnout, so they can thrive in a career that they love without overwhelm, prescriptions or stimulants.  
In this podcast we go deep into why burnout is common for us in Law Enforcement, how it's not your fault and what you can do to reverse it.    You won't want to miss this one.

You can find Andi on Facebook and other social media accounts through her web page.

Thank you again to our amazing sponsor Pursuit Alert.